Lunch Hours 002 – Bushido

Lunch Hours 002 – Bushido

Lunch Hours returns for its second helping in spectacularly late fashion and this time Bayfield is waffling away the blissful sixty minutes between the brutally busy first half and cripplingly dull second half of the dreaded day-job with Glasgow based beat-chef Bushido ahead of the release of his extraordinarily hyperactive Grandmaster Cash EP on Jon Phonics Astral Black imprint.

Read on to find out (amonst other things) what Bushido had for his lunch, what his favourite hardstyle tunes are and how many Phil Collins lyrical references its possible to slip into one wildly unfocused interview.


Bushido: Yo

Bayfield: Ahoy Yung Bushidoooooo! Welcome to Lunch Hours… It’s just like a real lunch hour at a shite job only with less human interaction and we don’t provide any food. Or condiments.

Bushido:  Hahaha, no worries I just ate anyway.

Bayfield: Oh well how topical. It’s like we planned this shit. What did you go for?

Bushido:  Just a roll on the way back from uni: chicken tikka badboi.

Bayfield: ah textbook. White bread with shit all chicken and a 70-80% mayo filling minimum?

Bushido: You know it!! All the ingredients for a stable diet. What ‘bout yourself? Had anything delicious?

Bayfield: Bit of battery farm chicken (times is hard in the Purple City) what I dry-fried last night in a pan with some lentils and spinach. Went gym this morning too so it’s all about the #GAINS bruv.

Might pop home and hit the wife a bit later… You have to put #GAINS in capital too because you shout that bit.

Bushido:  Hahaha, fuck the gym. I get enough exercise getting turnt on the weekends.

Wait… can I swear in this or that not legit?

Bayfield: Nah course you can mate. We spent the majority of the last episode talking about Phil Collins and self-help techniques… A bit of blue language is the least of my worries

Bushido: Safe

Bayfield: Anyroad on with the waffle. What’s popping right now Yung Bushido?

Bushido: Just sitting here getting high and sorta selecting tunes for a guest mix on LVLS Radio tonight

Bayfield: Yep one step at a time; you need to pace yourself on that selection stuff. What sort of tunes you going for? Dancefloor ready? Louche anthems for suede lovers? Ghetto bangers for Glaswegian bishes?

Bushido: Got a couple of exclusives I’ve been sent over the past couple of days from some dons, some chilled, some more dancehall club ready: Should be a good mixture

Bayfield: I’m glad you mentioned the word dancehall; that leads on nicely / tenuously to your new Grandmaster Cash EP. Which is a right banger by the way. Really feeling that dancehall vibey number on there. Just Us I think it’s called?

Bushido: cheers man, glad you liked it! Yeah man Just Us is the title. That was actually the reason the EP has taking a while coming out. I’ve got about a million versions of that tune kicking about.

Bayfield: It’s a fab EP all over but that was the tune that stood out for me personally. I like the fact there’s a complete mishmash of genres over the course of the EP, but all four tunes retain an overall sound / aesthetic. Wonderfully cohesive stuff.

Bushido: Cheers man, making me blush! I’m glad it finally coming out. Everything is just right now. The art work came out good too: some heavy jokes. There’s about another 400 photos left over from that shoot.

Bushido SLEEVE
Bayfield: Yeah the art work was something I was keen to speak on. As both a graphic designer and No Limit soldier I was a huge fan.

Bushido: It was actually so much fun. Big up Sean Bell for that! We just went in with a couple a changes of clothes, props and some money, then literally spent an hour or two pissing about doing silly stuff in front of a green screen

Bayfield: Yeah it works really works nicely with both the release and the Astral Black aesthetic. I love that Pen & Pixel riffing style whenever I see it. Is it the same cat who did the Milkmakerz sleeve?

Bushido: Yeah that’s him. He played in Glasgow a wee while back. Guy’s a boss.

Bayfield: It’s nice to see both vinyl art and releases themselves that don’t take themselves too seriously. Getting a bit sick of the current prevailing trends of stone faced grime and techno artists releasing bullshit that just has grainy pictures of abandoned buildings on the front.

I want to see palm trees and bitches and that weird fake Monopoly money all you Scotch folk spend on heroin and Tunnocks Teacakes.

Bushido: Don’t forgot deep fried mars bars… Or pizza crunch. Square sausage.

Bayfield: Ah mate pizza crunch! I think I had my first go on that after a particularly long pub crawl with Jon Phonics in Glasgow last summer.

Bushido: They’re beast. Defo got to munch when oot ya nut.

Bayfield: Genuinely though, and without meaning to get all “actually trying to generate an interesting question” on you: Do you think the city and that generally chipper Scottish attitude sinks into your tunes / Djing a bit?

I find it interesting how, for instance, yourself and the whole Astral Black crew seem to take things with a pinch of salt, whereas a lot of your contemporaries in London are somewhat more po-faced about the whole business or having fun and putting on parties.

Bushido: Hahahaha, I get what you mean. Glasgow is an awesome city, but it’s also a super techno based city, so maybe it’s simply that people that love this type of music are more interested in getting it out for people to hear than getting super serious about it… Oh and we all have drinking problems hahahaha k.o

Bayfield: Yeah I feel you. I suppose there’s also the element that a lot of hip-hop / dancehall etc genres main anthems are built largely around celebration / showing off whereas a lot of techno et al is a bit more “headsy”

… In saying that I’ve been to a few of the Optimo nights and stuff up there though and even they seem a bit more… fun than the same sort of parties down here in London. I’m sure the widely available reasonably priced drink must definitely be a factor too

Bushido: Don’t get me wrong, they’re pretty much always good fun too. Love getting my bounce on while a jaws elsewhere. Just the teams doing this… You never know, might see a change in that in the future.

Bayfield: I admire your hopeful vision for the future but I doubt it: Everyone has spent so much money on Nikes and Supreme sweaters they can’t drop the façade now.
Anyway what sort of music were you rooted in as a nipper then? The EP covers a pretty wide sweep of styles. I’m assuming hip-hop was a key factor purely from the cover art?

Bushido: Haha no actually hip-hop wasnt’t. I was more into bands like The Libertines, Stone Roses, Led Zeppelin etc… Then started listening to hardstyle.

Bayfield: Right there seems to have been a bit of a narrative leap there. Can you quickly sling me over a link to some hardstyle as I’m not 100% if I’m currently thinking of the right thing.

Bushido: Yeah man sure.

Bushido: It’s people like Hixxy, Dougal ‘n’ Gammer, Scott Brown: all that shit! Which I still love to this day

Bayfield:  Yeah I thought that was the sort of thing you meant… Dougal & Gammer need to hit the fucking job centre son hahaha, its not really my bag to be honest.

Bushido: hahhaa, probably.

Bayfield: It’s quite interesting really though as everything I’ve heard of yours sort of belies that style of music completely.

Bushido: Yeah I dunno, some people go mental for that shit. I used to work at a bar in town and only worked the hardcore nights ‘cause they started heavy early and ended mad late… Just people going mental. People missing eyes. It was defo a vibe, loved it. Missed DJ Funk just to work one!

Bayfield: I have a friend who is a hardstyle DJ. He bloody loves it. That whole scene sonically seems to have a really narrow field of focus but has a proper devout fan base. Will there be Bushido forays into Hardstyle for future Astral Black releases you reckon?

Bushido: Oh nah, totally disagree. probably the strangest group of people. Heavy nerds to heavy young team with everyone in between.

Bayfield: Ah fair one; I can only speak on the few hardstyle raves my friends have invited me to in Yarmouth, so maybe it’s just small town syndrome in play, definitely not a scene I can claim to be a knowledge on.

Bushido: if you have a look on my Instagram you can check a tune I did last month (it’s the video with the strobe) but nah I don’t think one will ever appear outside my bedroom (unless I get booked for a hardstyle set, which would be sick)


Bayfield: Righto that’s me told then. I shall make it my mission to educate myself in hardstyle culture… I might skip the actually listening to hardstyle music for now though.

Bushido: Yeah fair play

Bayfield: So how did you first bump into the Jon (Phonics) and the Astral Black peeps?

Bushido: In Barcelona while having dinner on a rooftop of where some our mutual friends were staying. This was about 3 years ago… Well actually I couldn’t remember any of this, but asked DJ Milktray and he said Jon was there.. I got a bit too drunk so the memory is pretty hazy.

Bayfield: You can take the drunk out of Glasgae etc etc…

Bushido: and I’m English hahahaha. Well I would consider myself Scottish

Bayfield: Oh I merely implied you were a drunk in Glasgow, no specific nationality… Obviously like any other cultural icon if you prove yourself to be economically viable we English will then readopt you and take all credit. Shoutout the referendum and all that.

How long have you been north of the border then?

Bushido: since I was 5, so nearly 20 years

Bayfield: I was gonna say; I barely remember your accent as we’ve never met sober but I was sure it was a bit husky and smelt of Tenants.

Bushido: Yeeeeeeh, goes down well.

Bayfield: Does it go down as well as Phil Collin’s Against All Odds and half a bottle of room temp Merlot?

Bushido: Hahaha, you nose it!

Bayfield: Not buying it mate. Mick Hucknall and a chilled Pinot perhaps… But not Phil. That’s big boy talk

Bushido: Take a look at me nooooww……………..

Bayfield: Oh don’t; you’re making me melt man!

Bushido: You’re the only one, who really knew me at all………….. That’s how well it goes down 😉

Bayfield: I pre-ordered your vinyl but currently… there’s just an empty space

Bushido: Hahahahahahahahaha well played.

Bayfield: Right that brings us nicely back to the new release (I always knew we’d get there)

Talk us through what is in store across the release. What flavours can the legal music purchasing cognoscenti (all sixteen of us) expect from Grandmaster Cash?

Bushido: A1; Palm Tree, which has just been premiered on Fact is some tropical UK funk with a bit of a Baltimore feel to it. A2 is Cherry Blossoms which has pan pipes, some cascading melodies and a bit of a grimey bass thing going on whilst B1, Just Us, is the one we were talking about earlier. I just love the drop; got Mavado sounding like a women and errrrrrrything. That one has just premiered on Pigeons & Planes.

Bayfield: Yeah reckon that’s me tip for the moment. Mavado sounding like a woman is always a bonus round initiator sample.

Bushido: And lastly B2 is Jersey, which has been floating about for a good time. Just a classic Jersey / Baltimore bounce 4 dem clubs wanting to get shit heated hahahaha.

Bayfield: Yeah I quite liked how that and Palm Tree bookended the release. Jersey is sort of like Palm Tree’s Bucky fuelled step brother. Gives the release a nice contrast in terms of sequencing

Bushido: Yeah personally I feel each track is different but overall gives a similar vibe with a good contrast as it goes through

Bayfield: Yeah bwoi for sure. As I said although genre wise you’re all over the shop there’s that definite Bushido sound throughout. S’a tough balancing act; shows up them fake playas in the game nicely

Bushido: Aye ‘is true: got beats at every tempo you could think of haha. I think it’s a good thing as I’ll take production techniques I use in moombahton and apply it at a completely different tempo. Making some mad sounding shit haha.

Bayfield: Yeah man I appreciate that; far too many folk seem convinced the best thing to do is to stay in  a particular lane all the time. Makes no sense to me.

You actually study music properly in some form or another don’t you? I mean beyond making rhythm ‘n’ gash bootlegs.

Bushido: Yeah, I study audio engineering at the SAE… haven’t don’t any musical theory since first year though. It’s really good good but my attendance could defo do with a bit of work haha… and I’m just about to go into my fourth year so could probably do with a bit of refreshing.

Bayfield: Nah don’t worry about that mate; I just dropped seven pounds on a pre-order of the new vinyl. You’re on the gravy train now. Have you not seen all them rappers on Cribs? Swimming pools, light up fridges, trainers that cast votes in elections for you, guns…You’ve made it to the cash Yung Master.

Bushido: Hahahahahahahaha cheers man!

If you managed to make it all the way to the end of this article which is mercilessly longer than 140 characters and didn’t feature any pictures of animals behaving like humans designed to help boost popularity and “shares” on social media well done you! Reward yourself with a copy of Bushido’s extraordinary Grandmaster Cash EP HERE::

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