Sonic Waffle – 19.10.2015

Sonic Waffle – 19.10.2015

It’s a Monday the middle of October (which is of completely no relevance) and Sonic Waffle is back! Defying the law of diminishing returns largely popularised by the Star Wars film franchise and any artist signed to Roc-A-Fella records post 2004 (hold tight Dipset) we’ve attempted to pack more releases in with slightly less waffle… So in essence, like any good web publication with clickbait headlines we’re expensing detail and (probably) quality in a bid to appeal to a broader cross-section of the potential market. Go Capitalism!

First up this week is the rather succinctly titled Peru Boom! Blasts, Bleeps And Bumps From Peru’s Electronic Underground. It might sound like something a Boomkat employee made up in between getting his beard weave braided at a pop-up barber’s (and let’s be honest with ourselves here it probably is) but luckily it’s also an adventurous and fascinating array of tracks that also has that golden goose of compilation packages: consistency. From low-slung hip-hop crawlers like Trillbilin Sound’s Underground Cumbria to the sort of syrup slowed dancehall vibe of Animal Chuki’s Luto across the board there’s a mishmash of genres from dubstep to electro all fused to (what we’re assuming) are more traditional Peruvian grooves with a general sense a reckless abandon…

Dare we say it but it’s actually really good, wholesome, unpretentious fun. It’s out now on Tiger’s Milk (who also did a really good collection of bonkers Peruvian psych nuggets) and you can bag it HERE 

We also bagged the new split 12” entitled Body Horror from Gang Fatale and CYPHR on the Manhatten based Purple Tape Pedigree. It really is an EP of two halves; with Gang Fatale taking the front side on a sleazy late night cruising vibe of spaced out disco tropes mixed with a bit of that brittle 80s emptiness whilst on the flip CYPHR brings a pair of gimlet eyed creepers of that sort of percussion heavy, warehouse vibe. The A-side is more for when you’re sleazy around a dimly lit club spilling whisky sours on shoulder padded jackets of the ladies, the B-side more for when you’re walking home alone with nothing but a Morley’s 3-Piece and lemon scented freshen up wipe for company. The perfect combo.

Although on paper it sounds like two very juxtaposing sets of productions they are both tied together quite nicely by a sense of cold isolation. It’s only the third release from the label after a banging Celestial Trax cassette and a rather sublime / mad chopped & screwed Black Sabbath collection and long may their fearless disregard to genre boundaries continue. Cop the new vinyl in lovely full printed jacket HERE  (Also PTP crew if you’re reading this please reprint that Tokyo tee because we missed it last time around.)

Next up this week is the long awaited debut LP from Faze Miyake on Rinse and it’s absurdly worth investing in. If you were swift enough to bag one of Faze’s Woofer USBs a few months back or have kept up with his mountainous amount productions over the past half-decade you’ll already know the man has a ridiculous range of style but thematically speaking extremely coherent and this is probably the most tightly assembled work he’s released thus far. It moves pretty effortlessly between styles; from slow paced, glacial drifters like Ice Cold with Inga Copeland and Silver with Venom Shi (a definite highlight) to eerie pressure filled bangers like Burciaga, also finding time to take in a splash of cinematic grandeur on tracks like Snow Leopard.

To call the sonic palette throughout the album as restricted would do a disservice to an album shot through with tonal colour and eccentricity, it’s probably fairer to say that Faze has developed an overall sound and aesthetic truly one of a kind. Club banger of the week. Cop it HERE

Rounding up this week’s waffle is the don Plastician who dropped the single track Sorcery via his very own Terrorhythm. In a vein not too dissimilar to Faze Miyake’s album it melds elements from all club corners, building a dense array of synths and chimes around pinging claps, bangs whistles and all that good shit you used to hear Tim Westwood throwing atop of a lacklustre Beanie Siegal freestyle back in the day. AIRHORN Cop it HERE