Sunday Club 010: John Carpenter’s The Fog

Sunday Club 010: John Carpenter’s The Fog

Purple City Soufflé’s irregular & irreverent film review crew The Sunday Club are back & they’ve binned off the written word in favour of a podcast!

Every Sunday Ashley & Matthew drag themselves to the sofa off the back of a heavy night out, select a random piece of filmmaking from either a streaming service, an actual video shop (no really; shoutout Spoon Web in Whitstable) or the piles of landfill they’ve amassed from second hand shops and dissect it for your / their listening pleasure.

In the spirit of Halloween this week the boys have gone for John Carpenter’s 1980 classic The Fog. Listen on as the gang discuss the narrative ups & downs, what might happen were the film set in Ibiza and make excessive references to 90s TV classic Round The Twist.

Shout the crew on Twitter with feedback, to correct them on patchy film knowledge or maybe to suggest what you’d like to see next.
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