The Manifesto

The Manifesto

The Soufflé Hath Risen.

Indeed it has / hath / however the fuck you say it.

Here we are. The central hub of the Purple City Soufflé. A place of wonder. A place of creative expression. A place steeped in a rich history of cut-price gin and early 2000s gangsta rap albums.

This is nothing more than an enthusiastic passion play. But we play with purpose.

We will be force-feeding you nothing but the most over-saturated, calorific and offensively fatty of cultural nuggets: Be that effortlessly beautiful merchandise, printed largely in cost effective, morally bankrupt sweat shops in places too far away for us to hear the screams of anguish and exploitation, articles and features of moderate / to fairly accurate information coupled with heavily biased / mildly offensive personal opinion, video features about food, recipes for booze and (God willing) an always reliable source of musical and visual nourishment.

And remember people, this is 2015: No-one gives a fuck about quality. It’s all about social media reach, imprints, click-throughs and a bunch of other shit some tosser made-up in between rounds of Pokeman Gold Edition and masturbating voraciously to ‪#‎HillaryDuff‬ in the early noughties whilst we were listening to T.I. or David Banner so please: LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT and spread the Purple City love the like cheeks of a British civil servant whenever you can… Because right now we have fuck all money for promoted posts.

Sincerely: MD Bayfield (PCS Head Chef / City Mayor / Toque Blanche Enthusiast)